Team Work

Who might you see if you visit?

Meet some of the team at Connect Life 

At Connect Life everyone from the newest visitor to those who have served the church over decades are important but if you visit Connect Life you may see some of these faces leading services or helping Connect Life run smoothly. So here are a few of the key people. Most of them volunteer their time to serve and have other jobs and responsibilities outside of Church.


Steve & Myra

Steve and Myra Harris

Steve and Myra joined the Church in January 2020 and Steve is the Lead Pastor working full time with the church. Myra is a special needs teacher and is involved in various ministries in the church including helping develop our younger female leaders and in being part of our worship leader team.


Kirsty Tranter

Kirsty joined the paid Pastoral Team of Connect Life in September 2020. Pastor Kirsty has a big heart to see new people connected with God and helping the church keep focused on those who are not yet  part of the church but need to hear the Good News of Jesus.


Anna-Marie Alexander

Anna-Marie is our Jellybeans coordinator. She began this role at the beginning of April 2023 and works with us a days a week to help us develop our work amongst families inside the church and in the local community. Ann-Marie is really creative and is also passionate about telling people about Jesus!




Ryan Hyde

Ryan has a joint role on the team at Connect Life. He is our Foodbank Manger for a couple of days a week and our youth worker for the rest of the week. Ryan is excited at taking on this new role and we are excited that he has joined on the team. Ryan in married to Rachel and they have a young daughter.


Kameron Clash

Kameron works full time Project Manager and also serves the church in youth ministry. Kameron with his wife Grace, who is one of our worship leaders, are a great asset to us as a church and we very much appreciate their input.

Steve Price

Steve Price

Steve, and his wife Karen are a great asset to the church. Steve is an Elder of Connect Life. Steve works full time as a project manager in the rail industry. 




Gary Jones

Gary and his wife Jane have been part of the church for a number of years. Gary is an Elder at Connect Life and he is the Finance Officer of the church. Gary works full time as an accountant in the construction industry. 

Andy Watkins

Andy Watkins

Andy, and his wife Gaynor have been part of Connect Life as long as anyone can remember and Andy now serves as an Emeritus Elder. Despite his retirement from the main eldership in 2021 he continues to help guide as we move forward together  

Sid Head

Sid Head 

Sid, and his wife Marion have been part of Connect Life for many years and Sid retired as a Elder a few years back but is now one of Emeritus Elders helping advice us as we move into the future together.